How to Recover a password or is one of the most popular and longest web wallets since Bitcoins inception.

There is over 50 million wallets created and it has evolved to a multi crypto currency wallet since the early days of Bitcoin of 2011 and 2012.

Is it possible to remove 2FA on accounts?

Another common problem is lost wallet ID or access to a 2FA device that is needed to unlock and access the wallet.
Yes, if you have a wallet ID and access to mail, but somehow the 2FA does not arrive, its possible to reset.
Unfortunately there are many people still struggling to recover those early wallets. The link to reset a 2FA account can be found

It is therefor a service like that can be helpful to recover your locked funds using various techniques. It is not a 100% bulletproof way and you should avoid services who asks for payment upfront.

Our technique lays in years of studying the source code of or in order to track the changes in the way the wallets are encrypted and stored on the servers.

We have published several in depth articles as one of them could be found
HERE which is discussing various ways of accessing funds if a WALLET ID is known or at least access to mail that was used to create the wallet is known.

I have a account, what is that?

You can also study the following articles if you created your account during the early days of bitcoin and all you got is a string of 18 to 25 words. There is also an interesting article by us, you can find
here on our Medium blog.

If you still did not manage to recover it, then send mail to us and we will try to help
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