Crypto Wallet Recovery Services Trusted since 2017. We can help you recover lost Bitcoin Ethereum from software or hardware wallets. Our service has been trusted from people all over the world. Contact us: if you need to recover:

If you only have access to your public key there is nothing we can do. We do not accept wallets that you have purchased or downloaded from the web.

You can also read more about our wallet recovery services by visiting our MEDIUM BLOG
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We also recover hardware drives, phones or Trezor/Ledger wallet wrong seed or lost passphrases. We can also help you with Shamir secrets or lost wallets when connecting Trezor to Metamask.

Our service has been helping people all over the world since 2017. We can help you recover most encrypted files, but we mainly focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you have been scammed or sent crypto to a wrong address then there is no way to reverse it. If someone asks you to pay upfront to recover scammed crypto then you will get scammed again. Dont Trust, verify.