Ethereum did a presale during the summer of 2014, Ethereum Foundation held an ICO where people could send Bitcoin and receive Ethereum encrypted in a json file. Their webpage can be found HERE

Almost 9000 lucky investors made a Fortune as the price since the beginning of the ICO has increased 10000x.

Unfortunately there are over 500 “locked” or “lost” wallets. KeychainX has successfully helped several individuals open their Ethereum presale wallets using custom tools and algorithms. You can read about one Twitter user here

The longest password so far that was unlocked was 99 characters long and had “scrambled” characters. The password was not possible to replicate on a normal English keyboard. More about this story here

To open an Ethereum presale wallet you need have the original Ethereum presale file that was mailed to you. In rare instances, the .json file was not generated correctly and did not contain any funds.

The password minimum requirement was 10 characters of which there needed to be at least of of;
Small cap letter. Big cap letter. Number. Special character.

The usual error that was (except of completely forgetting the password) either using a foreign keyboard which generated a “scrambled” password or simply entering the wrong e-mail. That means your wallet was never mail to your correct inbox.

It is not possible to tell how long time a recovery will take place. Our fast wallet recovery is 10 minutes, the longest over 4 years.