KeychainX LLC is an American company recovering crypto currencies, developing a keyless mobile wallet and have two Patent Pendings.

Our core business is helping individuals and companies to recover lost Bitcoin and Ethereum. We support hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor. We specialise in developing cutting edge software and hardware to break passwords faster than any available tools on the market.

We are also developing a keyless crypto wallet that will revolutionise the way we store and use crypto, and is based on  two patent pendings with the American USPTO and the European EPO.

What we can do;

  •   Recover your wallet.dat password
  •   Recover your Ethereum pre sale wallet password
  •   Recover your mnemonic phrase if you have some of the 12 or 24 words
  •   Recover your first or second password from your online wallet
  •   Recover your private key from a formatted disk drive
  •   Recover your wallet from a damaged Iphone or Android phone etc
  •   Recover your wallet if you have lost access to your laptop

If you lost your private key and only have access to your public key (wallet address) there is nothing we can do.

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