How to recover a metamask password

Have you ever tried to recover your Metamask password and failed? Metamask addon or standalone versions have several severe bugs. You should be aware that by using the software there are several bugs where it will freeze or disappear your wallet. Also, if you forgot the password it is still possible to recover it.

Having that said it is crucial to avoid these things if that happens.

If your Metamask password stops working

Do NOT remove it or reinstall. This will render you Metamask to be reset and you may NOT be able to recover your funds ever again if you didnt backup it properly.

Before upgrading Metamask

Dry run your seed on a different machine, so that you make sure you have the seed. Why is that? Because there are several reports of the mail wallet to disappear when you upgrade your Metamask.

Restoring Metamask from a seed phrase

If you tried to restore your Metamask from a seed and the seed is not accepted, then you might have written a word or two wrong, dont panic, there is ways to find that missing word.

Connecting Metamask with Trezor

If you connected a Trezor and used a secret wallet, there are reports of bugs when connecting the Trezor to a different Metamask the secret wallet disappears. It is therefor important you try your Metamask/Trezor seed and secret phrase one extra time before transferring a significant amount to your wallet.

If you forgot you Metamask wallet password?

What can be done if your Metamask wallet is gone or you have forgotten your password? Alot.

First, try this guide by the official Metamask folks, they have written a pretty good step by step guide how to recover your seed if your wallet freezes or stop working. You can find it here:

There is also an interesting article by KeychainX, you can find it here:
Metamask Madness

If you still did not manage to recover it, then send mail to us and we will try to help
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Stay Safe!