How to recover a lost Trezor Passphrase

Recover Trezor Passphrase Help

Have you ever tried to create a passphrase for your Trezor One hardware wallet and not been able to login again to that secret or hidden address?

Then you are not alone, thousands of people who have added this security feature to their Trezor has not been able to access that hidden wallet.

There are many reasons for this and you may ask yourself;

Is it possible to recover a lost Trezor Passphrase?

Yes, you would need the following
Wallet Address
24 word seed
Ideas or hints for the passphrase

You can read one use case by our team at HERE

How would you proceed to recover the hidden wallet?

We have developed custom software to find the missing address on your Trezor device.
By comparing millions of variations of your passphrase together with the 24 word seed, we try to match the missing address with the passphrase iterations. It would take years to parse through this amount manually, or using open source software. Our team has long lasting experience from recovering hundreds of lost passphrase for clients worldwide.

Is it safe to use your service?

Yes! Apart from our competitors, we do not outsource the server power to Amazon or Google cloud. Our secure office is monitored 24/7 and we have installed a secure system to shield from DDOS or remote attacks.

Where are you located?

We have offices all around the world, but the bulk of our server racks are located in a secret location in Europe.

Do you offer a contract?

Yes, since we are an official company, we can offer you to sign an NDA to protect you and us from various incidents. Our domicile is in the canton of Zug in Switzerland. We do also offer contract in other jurisdictions.

How is it best to contact you?
You can start with sending an email to or contact us through telegram at @keychainx

How long will the recovery take?
Usually we can start same day formalities and files are exchanged. Our fastest recover is in minutes, but longest in years. It is very hard to tell how fast we can recover your founds as this is tied to several factors like how busy we are at the moment or how good your passphrase hints are. If you have no idea of the passphrase or don’t remember the address of the funds the chances are less of recovery.

You can also read a technical writeup HERE

What happens once recovery is successful?
When we have managed to locate your address we start by securing your funds and by doing that we will move it to a fresh new address. After that we will contact you and ask for you to provide where you want us to send your share. To start, we will transfer a small amount to make sure the transaction will work as expected. You will confirm that the transaction is successful then we will move the rest of the funds to a wallet of your choice.

If there is any other questions on your mind don’t hesitate to contact us. We have been serving the crypto industry since 2017.
Contact us: if you need help.