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How to Recover a Bitcoin Password

There are many wallets holding your bitcoin and all them have different ways of recovery. First you need to figure out which bitcoin wallet was used to be able to find the password.

What wallets can be used to recover a Bitcoin Password? – custodial wallet holding your keys
Bitcoin Core – typically the keys are stored in a file called wallet.dat
Multibit HD or Multibit Classic – A defunct bitcoin wallet that was very popular a few years ago
Trezor One – The most popular hardware wallet
Armory – Depricated Bitcoin wallet
Shildbach – Android Phone Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin Core Password Recovery

Bitcoin Core is the original Bitcoin wallet. It uses a file named wallet.dat
For Bitcoin Core wallets check this guide wallet.dat recovery or recovery

For wallets created using the blockchain website or app, it is important to remember when the wallet was created. During the years the wallet format and login format changed.
2011-2012 – Phone number and usernames were used
If you used a phone number login it is no longer possible to recover the account. You can try to contact support but they will most likely not reply.
2013- – Wallet ID was introduced
2011-2016 – mailed you a 15-25 word backup. It was the wallet ID and password encrypted with the word list
2015- – Secondary password introduced
2017- – 2fa introduced

For wallets check this guide

Multibit Password Recovery

There are several different Multibit wallet types. Depending on when and which version the wallet looks different. If you wallet has the ending .key or .wallet then you probably created the wallet using Multibit Classic or Multibit Legacy. You can download the source code from Multibit Classic Download
For multibit recovery see this guide: Multibit Password

Trezor Password Recovery

Check this Trezor passphrase guide: Trezor Passphrase

Depending on your wallet type the guide differs.

I still need help to recovery my Bitcoin Password

If you still did not manage to recover it, then send mail to us and we will try to help
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