How to recover a Mist Ethereum wallet Password?

This question has been asked many times and there are various reports of buggy code and missing wallets.

So lets dive in and see what can be done and how to recover those lost Ethereum coins.

Where is the keystore file stored?

The keystore (JSON) file can be found in

Windows %APPDATA%\Mist
macOS ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mist
Linux ~/.config/Mist

How does the file name look like?

Its similar to UTC — 2018–06–06T08–33–59.145699700Z — d718e1873ed53658c467ce06b6f20163eb39eaf5
Where the timestamp comes directly after the UTC – tag

What encryptions does the wallet use?

262,144 PBKDF2 rounds, which takes a few seconds to check for each password, unless you have custom made tools like we do to run through a few hundred iterations each second.

Where can I download the client software?

Various releases can be obtain from GITHUB at this link

Installation notes can be obtained here:

Where can I get help to recover my Mist wallet Password?

If you fail all options to recover your password, you can always contact us: if you need help.

You can also read more about our wallet recovery services by visiting our MEDIUM BLOG or check our score on Trustpilot with over 100 5 stars. TRUST PILOT