A Ledger hardware wallet can have multiple version of seeds varying from 12, 18 or 24 words, which is your Recovery Phrase.

A very common problem is when writing down your Ledger seed, one or more words are either misspelled or misplaced on your recovery sheet.

KeychainX has developed a custom tool that will scan through thousands or millions different variations of your seed in order to match the correct wallet address.

It is also possible to add a “secret” wallet using a passphrase or sometimes called the 25th word. We do also help individuals to recover those secret words if there is a numbers of parameters in place like your wallet address and a list of passhrase guesses.

You can read this article how we recovered a passphrase using the same technique but for the Ledger hardware wallet at bitcoin.com
It would be impossible to task the same manually even through a lifetime.

If you need help recovering your Ledger seed contacts us through keychainx@protonmail.com