Wallet Recovery Services or Crypto Recovery Services what is it?

Wallet Recovery Services is a general term used by crypto recovery companies to brand themselves as a company that will be able to help you to recover funds. There are two types, one is offering password recovery, like our company KeychainX. Others offer scam recovery, which is in itself a scam, as there is no way to reverse transactions on the blockchain.

What does Wallet Recovery Services do?

Most Wallet Recovery Services help their clients with recovery of passwords to their crypto holdings. If you have created a blockchain.com account and hold a wallet ID in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX then it is possible to download the encrypted backup and with the help of your best password guesses recover the wallet password.

How much does Wallet Recovery Services charge?

The average cost to hire one of the top main services is 20% as success fee. Any solid recovery service does not charge any upfront fees. If you are asked to pay upfront then its most likely a scam. There are also recovery services offering an initial lower fee like 15% of the first week and then they will ask for a higher fee if the wallet is not opened in a first run. There are also hardware recovery companies that can help you unlock a Trezor hardware wallet, those are generally more expensive and could charge up to 30% of the amount locked in the device.

Where can I find a trustable Service?

Bitcoin.com has made a survey and listed their most reputable Wallet Recovery Services. You can find the link to the page here:
Bitcoin.com survey

What are the most important aspects of a good and solid service?

Transparency and Accountability
Industry Leadership and Innovation
Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
Strong commitment to privacy and security
Legal Compliance and Stability
Educational resources available
Community Engagement and Collaboration

Can you recommend more reading regarding your work?

Wallet Recovery Services blog is a blog dedicated to wallet recovery. It has been maintained since 2019 and describes various recoveries and guides to successfully open a locked wallet.

Where can I read about success stories of recoveries?

French Farmer who lost 120 Bitcoin finds them after 10 years on Bitcoin.com : French farmer recovers 120BTC
User who participated in the Ethereum Presale finds his 1000 ETH locked from the Ethereum ICO in 2014: 1000 ETH recovered
Truck Driver recovers 10 million DOGECOIN on cointelegraph.com Truck Driver looses 10 million DOGE