We support the decryption of most types of common crypto-currency wallets. We support Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets.

If your wallet type isn’t on our list, contact us anyway. Send mail to keychainx@protonmail.com

Crypto-currency Wallet Supported Notes
Bitcoin Core Yes Super fast GPU decryption. Supports sending of partial wallets
Ethereum Pre-sale wallet Yes Super fast GPU decryption
Ethereum Mist Yes
Ethereum/ETH MyEtherWallet Yes
Ethereum/ETC ClassicEtherWallet Yes
Litecoin Most types Yes
Dogecoin Most types Yes
Monero Old and new formats Yes Now supported ! (since late 2017)
AltCoins core/qt compatible Yes E.g. – Vertcoin, PIVX
All Coin types Trezor Yes
All Coin types Ledger Yes
Bitcoin Blockchain.info Yes First-level password (Fast GPU decryption from Aug ‘17!)
Bitcoin Blockchain.info Yes Second-level password decryption
Bitcoin Blockchain.info Yes Password recovery from PIN on device
Bitcoin Armory Yes
Bitcoin Electrum Classic Yes Super fast GPU decryption
Bitcoin Electrum HD Yes Now supported ! (since early 2017)
Bitcoin Electrum HD Full Wallet Yes Now supported ! (since Sep 2017)
Bitcoin BrainWallet Yes
Bitcoin BIP38 encoded Yes
Bitcoin BIP44 encoded Yes
Bitcoin Airbitz Yes Now supported! (since early 2018)
Bitcoin Airbitz Username Yes
Bitcoin BitGo MultiSig Yes
Bitcoin BlackCoin Yes
Bitcoin BreadWallet Yes
Bitcoin Dark Wallet Yes
Bitcoin Dash Yes
Bitcoin Digibyte Yes
Bitcoin FairCoin Yes
Bitcoin FeatherCoin Yes
Bitcoin Hive Yes
Bitcoin Hyper Yes
Bitcoin IOCoin Yes
Bitcoin MaidsafeCoin Yes
Bitcoin MegaCoin Yes
Bitcoin Multibit Yes Super fast decryption available
Bitcoin Multibit HD Yes New in April 2017
Bitcoin Multibit HD Repairs Yes New in April 2017
Bitcoin Orbitcoin Yes
Bitcoin OpenSSL encoded Yes
Bitcoin PeerCoin Yes
Bitcoin Pheeva Yes
Bitcoin PrimeCoin Yes
Bitcoin QuarkCoin Yes
Bitcoin RubyCoin Yes
Bitcoin Schildbach Wallet Yes
Bitcoin ShadowCash Yes
Bitcoin StrongCoin Yes
Bitcoin VeriCoin Yes
Bitcoin VoltCoin Yes
Bitcoin WIF Format errors Yes Custom logic
ZIP Files Zip,7zip,rar,etc Yes Custom logic