keychainX is a crypto wallet recovery service for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currency wallets.

If you have lost your password to your Mist, Parity or Metamask wallet, but still have the wallet.dat file or JSON file, we can help you.

If you have some parts of your mnemonic phrase, we can help you.

If there is some parts of your private key missing, we can help you.

If you totally wiped out your disk, but the disk is working, we can help you.

If you saved your wallet file somewhere on your drive, but forgot where, we could help you.

If you lost your private key and only have access to your public key (wallet adress) there is very little you can do without luck. A primitive tool using brute force could be able to crack your wallet private key, but chances are very very small.

You can contact us by sending your questions to

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