Depending on your wallet value and the type of algorithm used to encrypt your key, we will quote based on different parameters. The most critical parameters are wallet type and version,  algorithm used,  coin type and how much of information you have (part of key, part of mnemonic, wallet file etc). Those parameters are most critical and will be used to determinate costs, which will be a % of your wallet value.

We are also available to travel to your country upon request to meet in person, but prefer work remotely.

After we’ve found the password to your wallet or private key, the fee will be deducted from it. The remaining % will be transferred to the wallet address of your choice. We prefer payment in Bitcoins or Ether, but most alt-coins will be accepted.

If you want us to help you, please contact us at

If we do not find your password within the first month, we will discuss with you how to proceed and various options involved regarding future recovery.
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